Thursday, 13 September 2018

Message From The Zarakan Blues Band, Now Taking Dates For 2019

Hi everyone, we want to tell you that Zarakan Blues Band are now entering dates in the diary for 2019.

We applied for over 100 festivals last year and found that 80% didn't make a Yes/No reply, leaving our office and diary in limbo. For 2019 we are earmarking potential festival dates now from interested festival organisers in advance. We will only be making festival applications on web forms for festivals where an interest has been shown in advance by the organisers, and earmarked in our diary. We don't accept interests from any festivals using royalty sign off companies, i.e. music glue, or any similar third party. If you have an interest please reply now with your festival date and we will earmark it in our diary, and then comply with your webform (if you have one) on the due date. This includes all festivals previously performed at.

We are available for Events in 2019. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can hold your date.

We take gig bookings specifically to Blues/Blues Rock venues, or for Blues Rock nights at venues that have a rotating genre policy, and City Centre gigs where we can add to our following. We do Almost Unplugged performances and Fully Plugged performances, so are able to perform at venues which are also serving food during the evening.

We look forward to hearing form you at the earliest, with you proposed dates for 2019.

Kind regards,

Zarakan Blues Band

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