Friday, 10 December 2010

Strummerville Calling

Thank-you, thank-you and thank-you to all the people who are busy organising benefits for us this month... your efforts on our behalf are truly appreciated
And thanks to everyone who has been supporting us by shopping at the on-line shop ... the Joe Strummer Christmas cards have been flying off the shelves
Been lots of action going on here at Strummerville... we are now in a new office down at the yard... and so happy to be out of the caravan – big thanks to Jason Mayall for making this possible, also huge thanks to Alan Pell and Stage Three Music who gave us all their furniture (especially the Tiki bar!!)
We also had our first Strummerville national tour in October thanks to the bands who played every night and everyone who came out to support them. You can see some of the tour footage on our Strummerville Sessions, which went out on Channel 4 last month [
We're delighted to be supporting The Lovebuzz project in Holloway which is a community based recording studio for under-privileged young people in N19 and looking forward to opening the music room at Tilinanu orphanage in Milawi in early 2011.
In terms of new music we have over-hauled our DIY platform. We have integrated with Soundcloud to help fans of our DIY bands to share their tracks online. Also we have a new Top 20 Download Chart, which will show the most downloaded tracks from the previous week, the chart re-sets each Monday.
We now have over of 200 bands who are involved and we are happy to announce that we have supported over 65 bands with recording and promoting records this year.
As always thanks for all the love.
Nice piece in the guardian yesterday

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