Thursday, 13 June 2019

Wild Harbour and Other Projects

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WILD HARBOUR & OTHER STORIES - an intimate solo project by Scottish singer-songwriter ADAM ROSS (aka Randolph's Leap) 2019/2020

Adam Ross aka Randolph's Leap
Singer-songwriter Adam Ross (Randolph’s Leap) is proud to present Wild Harbour & Other Stories. This intimate solo project will preview songs from an exciting new folk music and theatre piece, alongside songs from Adam’s extensive back-catalogue.
Adam is currently writing an album of original songs inspired by the novel Wild Harbour by Scottish author Ian Macpherson. Written in 1936, the haunting story predicts the outbreak of a world war and documents its impact through the journal entries of the central character, Hugh, who refuses to fight. Hugh and his wife, Terry, flee to a remote part of the Scottish Highlands and begin a life of utter secrecy and self-sufficiency, residing in a cave and living off the land. The story depicts the dread and horror of the oncoming war, the difficult choice of pacifism, the practical adversities of the characters’ new life and the inevitable, tragic consequences. These darker themes are counterbalanced by the beauty and serenity of the Cairngorms landscape and the love and optimism shared by the protagonists. Changing seasons is another key theme, as their summer idyll gives way to an unforgiving autumn.
Wild Harbour & Other Stories - Adam Ross
This striking novel is relatively unknown, partly due to the author’s tragic death in a motorcycle accident at the age of 39, but it is a story that continues to resonate strongly with audiences. Work is underway to develop a script and present the songs as part of a theatre performance, however, this special performance is an opportunity to hear the songs as stripped-back works-in-progress. Adam will also perform a selection of new and old Randolph’s Leap songs, including those from the popular theatre show The Isle of Love.
Adam Ross
Adam Ross aka Randolph's Leap
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