Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Keith Luckey at Charters, Peterborough, Sunday 17 November. 3 pm.

Keith Luckey is playing at Charters, Peterborough, Sunday 17 November.

Downbeat 3 pm..

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Friday, 8 November 2019

Gilad Atzmon Quartet Sunday 10 November 2019 at Peterborough Jazz Club

Gilad  Atzmon Quartet Sunday 10 November 
at Peterborough Jazz Club

Gilad Atzmon and his Quartet will be playing in The Boizot Lounge at Peterborough New Theatre on Sunday 10th November.  If you have never seen Gilad, please come along. You will be amazed at his talent and sound

Doors open 7.00 pm
Music starts 7.30 pm Tickets £15

Gilad  Atzmon Quartet
 Gilad Atzmon is an acclaimed International saxophonist and clarinetist and tours extensively around the world with his Quartet. His album Exile was the BBC jazz album of the year in 2003 and in 2013 his Metropolis album was voted top CD of the year by the Jazz Journal Critics Poll. Gilad's fiery, fluent playing and remarkable technique have established him as one of the most talented saxophonists on the world stage, performing a mix of classic jazz standards and originals with an energy and enthusiasm that is hugely infectious.  As a member of the Blockheads, Gilad has also recorded and performed with Ian Dury, Robbie Williams, Sinead O'Connor and Paul McCartney. In 2014 he recorded with Pink Floyd and is featured on their last album The Endless River (Anisina).

“A master...a giant with formidable international reputation “ -  The Guardian

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Klezmer-ish - 'Dusty Road' New Album Tour ***Booking Now for 2020

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New album out on World Music Network Record Label
From rip-roaring klezmer and dynamic tango, to their self-penned gypsy- jazz, Klezmer-ish bring a trademark twist to whatever genre takes their fancy. Drawing inspiration from the music of bygone travellers. Four incredibly outward-looking classically trained musicians who met whilst playing with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Their fittingly titled new album ‘Dusty Road’ sees the band freeing themselves from the "shackles" of the rigid hierarchy of the orchestra as they explore the music of immigrants from various cultural backgrounds who left their homelands in pursuit of a better life.
As their name implies, Klezmer-ish cannot simply be pigeonholed as a straight-ahead Klezmer act, but rather a band with an incredibly diverse and forever expanding repertoire, built up over the three years that they've been performing. Bound together in the true spirit of intercultural exchange, their music is always on the move, like the travelling peoples that it reflects. As Connie, the bands accordionist and violinist, points out, "These peoples took their musical traditions with them and as much as they influenced the music scene wherever they settled, so was their music influenced by the cultures they encountered in their new-found homes. Klezmer music of Jewish immigrants, tangos by Piazzolla (who grew up in Argentina as a son of Italian immigrants) or the gypsy jazz of St├ęphane Grappelli & Django Reinhardt (the fantastic collaboration of a classically trained French/Italian violinist with a self-taught gypsy guitarist) are all examples of amazing musical fusions."
klezmerish live photo 1
Klezmer-ish (new album out on World Music Network in 2020)
Like their music, the band's approach is incredibly flexible and democratic, as guitarist and vocalist Rob acknowledges, "We all play equal parts in the quartet. No one is purely accompaniment or the main voice, but we constantly swap roles. Even Marcel on the bass very often takes the leading part and plays the melody rather than just sticking to the bass line as you would expect. This certainly introduces an unusual sound world." It's an approach very much in evidence on the classic album opener 'Klezmer's Freilach' where the band bring in and out of focus each instrumental element to the music. This gives the music a fluidity and constantly changing dynamism unto its own, as the album takes you on a wide-ranging journey of musical styles from Klezmer, tango, gypsy- jazz and beyond.
What makes Klezmer-ish so special is their passion for exploring exciting new areas whilst retaining the grounded excellence of their rigorous training as classical musicians. The band however play with a palpable sense of freedom and are not aiming for perfect renditions of the originals or trying to play in an 'authentic' style, but rather to tailor these pieces to their own personal taste and give them their own unique twist. Whether it be the re- interpreting of tango pieces 'Volver' and 'Kicho' by the genres most famous sons Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla, or letting loose on multi- instrumentalist Rob's two self-penned gypsy- jazz inspired compositions 'September Sun' and 'Dusty Road', their approach is always true and respectful to the genre whilst at the same time offering a distinctly fresh approach.
From the deeply moving Hebrew song by Shem Tov Levi 'Amud Ha'Esh', which was used for the documentary television series of the Israel Broadcasting Authority "Pillar Of Fire" in 1981, to the greatly contrasting Romanian tunes 'Pendelasul Fetelor' and 'Doina And Street Melody', this collection of a dozen pieces demonstrates the bands outward looking approach and desire to challenge themselves outside of the hierarchical structure and strict rules of the symphony orchestra. In the words of the band "There is no such thing with Klezmer- ish. No boss! All equals. No rules or regulations. It is all led by the music, and by the mutual respect we have for each other's talent."
For all booking enquiries and details on availability please contact:
11 / 23 / 24 / 25 MAY
7 / 8 JUNE
15 JUNE - 6 JULY
13 / 18 / 27 - 31 JULY
1 - 25 + 29 / 30 AUGUST
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Friday, 1 November 2019

King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys - Booking Now For 2020

Now Booking For 2020 and Beyond

The rocking, rolling, swinging, jumping and jiving goodtime vintage rhythm & blues that is


"The genuine article, dedicated to shaking you up and swinging you into the middle of next week"  - The Observer
"Superb, a stunning range of ability, smack dab in the style of Louis Jordan and Eddie Ceanhead Vinson" - Now Dig This

“Behind the fun and rollicking good times lies an outfit skilled enough for the horns to come on with the bite and precision of the Basie Band” - The Guardian
"A roaring band that comes at you like the Wabash Cannonball" - Dave Gelly

"To  those who say that swing is a musical form best left to the Americans, prepare to be proven wrong - this British combo is bullet-proof!" - Atomic Magazine, New York

King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys
On the road since 1988

Probably the leading swing, blues and rhythm & blues band on the planet - pure vintage!

Now Taking Bookings For 2020 and beyond - for more information, call Tim Jennings on +44121 454 7020 or email
Big Bear Music
PO Box 944
B16 8UT

Grimsby Folk Club Programme - November 2019

Grimsby Folk Club November 2019

3rd: Spotlight Night Spotlight Night Folk club members and those from the wider acoustic scene.
Beard & Papps, Del Scott Miller, Eddie Weeks, Ian Mather not running order
10th Club Club night, everyone welcome. Sing, play, read poetry or just listen.

17th Tommy Sands Tommy Sands Tommy's songs, like There were Roses, and Daughters and Sons, which have been recorded by Joan Baez, Kathy Matthea, Dolores Keane, Sean Keane, Frank Patterson, Dick Gaughan, The Dubliners and many others have been translated into many languages and are currently included in the English language syllabus in German secondary schools.
Tommy Sands's Web Site
24th Phil Cockerham Trio Phil Cockerham Trio Phil came to spotlight night with one of the members of his trio, they wowed the audience, with humour and good musicain ship, and vowed to return, so here is the Trio, Phil Dave & Dickie
Phil Cockerham Trio's facebook page