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Thorne Hill - Narn Tour, November, 2016.

Thorne Hill - Narn Tour, November, 2016.

Monday, 24 October 2016 of travellers

KLEZMER-ISH...MUSIC OF TRAVELLERS I am delighted to welcome this new quartet to Laughing Dog Music as it represents something for me that is the reas
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Klezmerish 001
I am delighted to welcome this new quartet to Laughing Dog Music as it represents something for me that is the reason I fell in love with music, different cultures, stories and traditions coming together.
Klezmer-ish is what happens when four classically trained musicians let their hair down, explore a wide range of music from travelling people across the world and fuse it all together into their own unique sound. Join them on a musical journey through klezmer, tangos, gypsy jazz, Irish fiddle music…and Italian folk music.
Tom Verity (Clarinets & Whistles):
Tom plays clarinet with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and is a member of the Sterling Trio. In his free time he loves playing jazz piano.
“The fusion of our rigorous background as classical musicians with our passion for exploring exciting new musical territories is what makes us special.”
Rob Shepley (Guitar, Violin, Vocals):
Rob is the sub-principal viola of the RLPO … but late at night he gets out his fiddle and guitar and plays anything from gypsy jazz to oldschool rock.
“We are fascinated by exploring the music and stories of immigrants from all sorts of musical and cultural backgrounds who left their homelands to travel the world in pursuit of a better life.
Concettina Del Vecchio (Piano Accordion, Violin)
Connie is a sub-principal violinist of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra, but she started her musical career on the piano accordion aged 3.
“As classical musicians we work in a hierarchical structure… no such thing with Klezmerish. All equals. No rules or regulations. All led by the music, and by the mutual respect we have for each others’ talent.”
Marcel Becker (Double Bass):
Marcel is the leader of the double bass section of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra – and a massive salsa fan!
“We get inspired by the original tunes but tailor them to our own personal taste, giving them our own twist. All the music is arranged by us and for us.”

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King King 'Live' Out Now!

King King Live album

King King 'Live' Out Now!

The 'Live' album is out today and steaming up the charts - with only the Rolling Stones keeping us off the Amazon Blues Charts! We are also at No.3 in the iTunes Blues Charts. Thanks so much for all your support, and if you haven't grabbed a copy, you can get it direct at Manhaton, or a signed one from our website!

A message from Alan Nimmo -
I thought it was only right to give you a bit of an update as I'm sure some of you are maybe worrying whether or not you're going to get to see us in the UK in November!
I'm back home for now and seeing my throat specialist this week to just make sure there are no infections and to assess the state of my vocal chords. I'll also be working with a top vocal coach to train my voice and find ways to maintain good technique and strength.
I, along with Lindsay, Bob and Wayne are determined to go ahead with the U.K. tour and I'll be doing everything possible to make sure that happens.
We really love how supportive you've been all along and the last thing we want to do is to let you down or keep you in the dark so, as far as we're concerned at this time, we'll see you in November so don't go making other plans!!
Once again, thank you so very much for your loyal support and your friendship. I'll get back to my "get well" tea now and we'll keep you informed of the progress!

Tickets can be booked from the Gig Cartel or via the website.

Do let us know what your favourite songs are from the Live album - and remember - play it loud!

Best wishes
Alan, Lindsay, Wayne & Bob
King King
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Gilad Atzmon & Alan Barnes @ Lincoln Drill Hall November 5th 2016

Hey there jazz fans, don’t miss this one!

New Jazz 5 presents: Gilad Atzmon & Alan Barnes:

 the Lowest Common Denominator

Saturday 5 November 8pm @ Lincoln Drill Hall

Two of Britain’s most celebrated virtuoso reed players join forces for the ultimate jazz evening. Despite their different backgrounds and approaches, these two men share a passion for performance and a firm belief that a jazz audience is there not to be educated but to be entertained.

Tickets £14 (£12 concessions, £5 students/u16s) from 01522 873894

Fireworks Guaranteed Tonight! 

Check out this You Tube Link 

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Latest News from Fledg'ling Records October 2016

Dear Keith

Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons release their splendid new album today! Resulting from an EFDSS commission in 2014 these two maestros explore the common threads of their folk and early blues repertoire. Ever Popular Favourites is now available  on CD / LP / DL.
Dom ~ “We explored how folk songs travelled between England and North America. Martin and I have a shared interest in the early American Songsters. He told me that even though he doesn’t generally play their songs he is a fan of people like Henry Thomas and Peg Leg Howell. We also spoke of our mutual admiration of revivalists and folksingers like Mike Seeger and UK collectors like Peter Kennedy and Seamus Ennis.”
Martin ~ “It was so easy to find a repertoire in common with Dom, I immediately felt at ease and at home with all the music we discovered we shared. I was overjoyed when the quills and bones and banjo and Dom’s wonderful energy emerged on the first rehearsal, it reinvigorated songs and styles for me.”
"That Flemons and Simpson can rework and revive the tensions and turmoils that fester in blues and folk music is the deepest tribute a musician can pay to their forebears, as well as the only way to bring those ghosts back to life." FRUK

"The musicianship is exemplary, with each performer supporting and enhancing each other's songs - Simpson with guitar and banjo, Flemons with those plus bones, quills and harmonicas. Even on an audio recording there's a real sense of joy taken in each other's company and performance styles."

You can follow this link to preview John Hardy
Track list: 1 My Money Never Runs Out, 2 John Hardy, 3 If I Lose, 4 Little Sadie, 5 Pay Day, 6 Short Times Come Again No More, 7 Too Long (I’ve Been Gone), 8 Bulldoze Blues, 9 Stealin’, 10 Champagne Charlie, 11 Coalman Blues, 12 Buckeye Jim.

MARTIN SIMPSON ~ vocals, guitar, banjo
DOM FLEMONS ~ vocals, bones, banjo, quills, harmonica, electric kettle

ALL orders received before midnight on Monday 10th October will receive a FREE set of SIMPSON & FLEMONS button badges:

Ever Popular Favourites pinned insignia.

During October we have a special offer on these two fabulous early Martin Simpson albums at only £6.00 each:


FLED 3021  MARTIN SIMPSON ~ Grinning In Your Face
FLED 3022  MARTIN SIMPSON ~ Sad Or High Kicking

Back in 1996, when Fledg'ling was barely fledged, five wonderful singers - Christine Collister, Melanie Harrold, Julie Matthews, Helen Watson and Chris While - were kind enough to trust us with their debut Daphne's Flight album.
Fast forward twenty years and we're going to do it all over again. They have just finished recording a second album which is stunningly beautiful. More news in the next newsletter.

Best wishes and many thanks for continuing to support Fledg'ling.

N E W   W E B S I T E

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Check out Marshes, Hard Rock, Classic Metal, Heavy Metal

Check out Marshes, Hard Rock, Classic Metal, Heavy Metal

Drifting in from Fen Parts of East they bring with them the spirit of hollow lands.

Check them out here.